August 28, 2017

My New Born Must Haves | Kai's First Month

Medela Nipple Shield | I struggled with breastfeeding Kai from the beginning. Just in the first few days of nursing, my nipples became cracked and incredibly sore. Every time Kai would latch on I would wince in pain and I was completely miserable. Not only is it physically painful but quite emotional too. I felt guilty and incapable as a new mum because I felt like I was failing at the most important thing, being able to feed my baby! I focused on providing for my baby and suffer through the pain. During one of my Midwife house visits, she suggested I get a silicone nipple shield which protects your nipple, allowing it time to heal, while still being able to nurse your baby. Immediately when using it I felt relief. I'm still using the shield as I am slowly practising how to have Kai properly latch without one. They're about $14 for one shield which is reusable. I rinse it with hot soapy water in between feeds and boil it in hot water once a day to make sure it stays sanitized.

Medela Breast Pump (Rented) | While struggling to breastfeed in the first week I also suffered from breast engorgement. I was lucky that my milk came in quickly after birth and that I had a strong supply. But my breasts got so hard and painfully sore because I wasn't draining the milk out of them as quickly as needed. My Midwife saw this and thankfully was able to recognise that I was on the verge of Mastitis! She recommended I rent a breast pump to quickly drain the milk before I got infected. The Melela Breast Pumps are so amazing! They work wonderfully, but of course, to purchase an electric one, they cost from $200 - $500! So I recommend renting one, it cost us $80 for a one-month rental. But if you think you're only going to need it temporarily or you want to try out the brand before investing, then it's well worth the price!

Aden + Anais Swaddles | We live in a small apartment without central A/C and it's been a hot summer so far for Vancouver. We've been melting, thankfully we got an A/C unit for our bedroom which has been a life saver. Since it's so hot we really loved the light breathable fabric of the Aden + Anais swaddles. They're really large too so you have lots of fabric to work with to achieve the perfect swaddle. We left Kai in just a diaper for the first month with a swaddle because it was too hot for clothes and he seemed to really feel comfortable in them.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow | Learning to breastfeed can be overwhelming! So having the perfect platform to rest baby on while nursing allows you to focus on learning to latch properly. My Brest Friend (such a cute name!) is a firm but soft pillow that holds the baby at the perfect height. It curves around your body and has an adjustable belt that you can tighten around your back so that the pillow stays in place. Nursing throughout the night can be really tiring. I've accidentally dozed off while nursing in bed, and each time Kai would be safely resting on the nursing pillow attached to me, either happily still feeding, or napping as well! I was so happy to know that he was safe! It was about $80 but so worth the money in my opinion! Anything that makes learning to breastfeed a little bit easier is a necessity to me.

Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer | When I was pregnant and setting up the nursery with all the necessities, I thought a wipe warmer was an unnecessary luxury. I thought it was a silly gimmick until the first week we realised the cold wipes made our baby cry despite the summer heat! So it quickly became a must have for us, because anything that helps keep your new born happy and content is a winner! It might be worth waiting to purchase a wipe warmer until you know if a cold wipe bothers your baby because if not it could save you spending $50 on one!

UppaBaby Vista Stroller | Specifically the bassinet feature of this stroller proved to be really handy. The air quality in Vancouver during the first month of Kai's life was really smoky from all the forest fires in BC. So we didn't go out for walks right away and actually use it as a stroller. The bassinet is certified sleep-safe so we used it in our bedroom for naps and night time. This was great because we didn't need to buy an additional bassinet (which they out grow so quickly anyway).




August 02, 2017

Welcome to the World Baby Kai!

We're proud to announce Baby Kai's arrival on July 14th, 2017! I had such an incredible birthing experience that brought us this beautiful and healthy baby boy. I'm so grateful for the fantastic support team I had around me in the delivery room. My Husband, Mum and Midwife showered me with love and positivity. They empowered me when I felt like I couldn't do it. They helped me lock into strength I didn't even know I had in me. My wish was to deliver without an epidural but at one point I struggled with whether I could do it. Thankfully my team around me encouraged me to be able to push through (literally!) and Baby Kai was welcomed into this world with so much love and positivity. 

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